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Vito Magrone:
Dances Taught

Cha Cha
Rumba (Rhumba)
Viennese Waltz
Three Count Hustle
East Coast Swing
Single Swing/Jitterbug
West Coast Swing
Nightclub Two Step

...and more!

Vito Magrone teaches American style ballroom and latin dance. You'll be able to use the techniques and patterns you learn anywhere you go to dance.

Special Occasions

When an occasion arises where you want to look your best on the dance floor, private ballroom dance lessons can help. Vito Magrone is a professional ballroom and latin dance instructor with many years experience in both dancing and teaching. With just a few lessons, you will become smoother and look more polished on that special day. Vito has prepared countless couples for occasions like these (to name a few):

Wedding Dances (Bride and Groom First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-son Dances)
Anniversary Parties
Corporate Events
Cruises/Special Vacations

If you like to go with the flow, Vito can teach you to freestyle ballroom dance with a few patterns you can put together in the moment as you choose. If you prefer to take the guesswork out of it, you can learn a choreographed routine that will carry you through your dance seamlessly from start to finish.

The style of music and dance you choose is up to you. The possibilities (from beautifully arranged, moving and elegant to fun, spirited and lively) are nearly endless...






Just Dance with Vito Magrone - Ballroom Dancing Lessons and Parties

Just Dance • Ballroom Dancing with professional instructor Vito Magrone
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